In our treatment approach, we use fresh plant extracts, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. The plant extracts do not contain any preservative to avoid inhibition of regenerative process since preservatives exert antibiotic effects. These extracts are from already researched plants.

We have so far up to 5 herbal preparations. Our first line medicinal agent is Detogen B which has been scientifically validated at the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA) Lagos, Nigeria. The result shows that the product is safe. The formulation has now been changed into capsules and powder for reconstitution. Other products include Metagen, Texlon, Celoxon, Tyodin, Malo and Virutin.
All these products are not yet ready for public sales but are used as fresh plant extracts.

These plant extracts have shown very effective results in different cases that today appear intractable to conventional orthodox medicines.

In the use of these extracts, our focus is to prepare and preserve the different phytochemicals in the plants. To Avoid interaction with different chemicals in food, precaution is taken to identify and detoxify them. The results are quite incredible. We are working towards converting all the extracts to capsules and powder for reconstitution. The only fear being that most of these phytochemicals are easily destroyed by heat