Cancer is a global health problem that defies almost every treatment approach. A good number dies every year of cancer. Currently approach to treatment include chemotherapy, surgery and Radiology. In our approach to cancers, there is an understanding that most food additives are potentially carcinogenic. In other words they posses cancer causing effects. By their name “Excitotoxins” they are very excitatory and toxic, and sometimes floods the system with free radicals and tends to lower the body immunity. In this immunosuppressive state, foreign cells move freely. If the food issue is resolved and plant metabolites that can inhibit the activity of free radicals employed, immunity status will be raised, with consequent release of the macrophages. These are amoeboic in nature and can engulf cancerus cells and excrete them through the lymphatic system. Cancer is resolved. we applied this approach and a successful result was recorded in cases of cancer of the liver, the lungs, ovary and brain. See testimony and laboratory evidences.  Click to see Testimonies


Cancerous Liver          Lungs